Baby Stuff links

Here are a bunch of links that Denise found:

In General:,0,7241340,full.story (concerns over safety of crib bumpers) – she writes and posts articles about everything you can think of, breast feeding, birthing, doula stuff and all sorts of other birth related info. Search by list of topic and take a look lots of good info.  (another good blog) (help for people with post partum depression and anxiety) (great printable pdf resource pages)

 Breast Feeding: (la leche league  – one of the top information sources for breastfeeding) (BC Women’s hospital – more then just breastfeeding stuff) (interesting idea for colic etc) (online breastfeeding course)

 Baby Carriers:

C-section:,0 ( is also well known for good articles on many topics)

 Birthing: (one of the best known organization for childbirth classes and info in childbirth things u learn in classes)  (interesting article on outcomes of planned home births and planned hospital births in BC) (recent article about the benefits of delaying cutting the umbilical cord immediately as is practiced in most hospitals) (this was a video project and goes through the pros and cons of hospital and home birth and history and things to be aware of. Kyle did manage to download it for me to watch, if you want to watch it let me know. I only have the original not the new ones.) (book is very well written and has some great ideas on how to create a good and relaxing pain free birth naturally).

 Cloth Diapers: (this is cost list… However lots of local fabric stores are now carrying the PUL fabric that is used for these and they can be made relatively cheap from what my mum calculated, Fabricana caries it as well as a pattern book)

 Interesting Products/Ideas:

 Books/Magazines: (seems to be online) (book and magazine) (several copies at the MR library) (The Birth Partner – 3rd edition) (Pregnancy Childbirth and the Newborn, 4th ed) (Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth) (Orgasmic Birth) (Herbs for a Healthy Pregnancy) (Babycalm)


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